Chemical Industry

The Leading industry

This industry is considered to be the driver of development and operation of many production processes and technological processes, so products often look for innovation in product presentation. In the chemical industry, packaging of a specific shape is often used for easier handling, and labels are expected to adapt to the shape of the product. Shrink sleeve labels perfectly follow the shape of the bottle and provide making designs in full height and width – in 360°. Likewise, the shape of the self-adhesive label is individually defined for each packaging type.

Labels convey information about possible risks and dangers, so it is very important that they remain preserved throughout the process, until they reach the end customer. Therefore, great attention is paid to the quality of the material and print. We offer our customers an additional warning in the form of making an embossed print, as a way to highlight hazard labels.

Types of labels that meet the needs of the product:

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