About us

HON-ING.d.o.o. is a private company, founded in 1992 the current headquarters in

own premises – Sv.Križ Začretje.
We are
e confirmed with and certified quality management system according to ISO 9001: 2000, which point to the advanced system administration and communication with our suppliers and customers.

We offer our customers the complete graphic services, starting from the technological advice on the design, graphic design, preparation of the test sample, printing and processing, quality control of finished products and their dispatch to the address of the customer.

Our future is built on the basis of long-standing cooperation with our business partners, investment in new high-quality and innovative technology for our printing press, and continuous education of our employees, in order to keep up with fast-changing market requirements.

In order to achieve our set goals always are willing to invest in the introduction of new technologies adapt to the unique needs, requirements and wishes, and guarantees upward level of quality of our products.

Remote only 40So kilometers from Zagreb, on the Motorway strategically we are positioned that we can do in a short time delivery for all our partners.

VISION society HON-ING is creating a sustainable development remain the leader in the field of flexible packaging and make our name known among all potential customers.

You can contact us at:

Tel: +385 49587500

fax: +385 49587511

mail: prodaja@hon-ing.hr

mail: hon-ing@hon-ing.hr